Precision School of Ballet

Private Lessons and joint private lessons

Whatever your situation, if you want to; improve your technique, performance, have a mock exam with fresh eyes, or learn the basics of classical ballet, we have a class for you.

We are very competitive on price, for an hour for one person with Michelle including Studio hire is £50 at the Lost Theatre (other venues differ according to studio hire). If you have a friend that is wanting the same service or you want me to put

you together with a likeminded student, this can be arranged.

The price for the joint private lesson is £25 each - so you are

spreading the solo cost of the lesson between you.

We have a number of people wanting to do a joint lesson,

In the following levels:

Adult Beginner,

RAD Intermediate,

RAD Advanced 1

RAD Advanced 1 Male syllabus,

So if you have a level in mind and you don't have anyone to share, with I can arrange a joint private lesson for you. All we ask is that you are serious about improving and learning.

Please note: in order to book the private lessons, they MUST be paid for in advance, 48 cancellation policy applies (if you cancel under 48 hours notice you will not get a refund of the fee paid)

There is more availability in the mornings than the evenings.