Precision School of Ballet

about the principal: Michelle Nicholls

I have studied at English National Ballet School, and the Royal Academy of Dancing.I completed my BA (Hons) Ballet Education at the Royal Academy of Dance and all three stages of the LRAD qualification (which is the highest level of teacher) and became a registered teacher.

​I create and plan a range of classes  and  demonstrate all terminology of RAD ballet to a high standard appropriate to any age or level of group. Having a good understanding of the theoretical progression and logic of ballet in relation to an individual’s body and I am able to create lessons to challenge and support learning. From a very young age I have had a passion for performing and ballet. My drive to succeed has enabled me to earn scholarships and perform on stage. For several years I have been teaching and developing young talent into fulfilling their dreams. I help dancers experience a disciplined art form and improve their confidence within Ballet.

During my early years of performing I developed an injury and created a ballet based pilates programme. The content of this class has been developed from physiotherapists proven exercises of rehabilitation, I then put these exercises in a more balletic manner. These exercises are mainly focussed on stretching and strengthening all areas of the body specific to how I would be moving in class in a non weight bearing manner.  This has enabled me to have trained with companies like; New English Contemporary Ballet, Ballet Wales and European Ballet.